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Staying Healthy While Working from Home


Working from home has become the “new normal,” even as office buildings begin to open their doors again. Most workers have transitioned to daily Zoom calls, email, and texting to perform the duties of employment. Being forced to stay home over months of restrictions, and with gyms closed for many of those months, may have caused your normal exercise regimen and track to staying healthy to take a back seat. 

A sedentary lifestyle doubles the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, colon cancer, and hypertension (high blood pressure), as well as emotional disorders such as depression and anxiety, as reported by the World Health Organization. We have put together some tips to keep you active while working from home.

  • Take Daily Walks: Walking is an excellent form of exercise, allowing you to move your body comfortably, breathe fresh air, and enjoy the environment. If no other options are easily available, make taking a walk part of your daily routine.
  • Download an Exercise App: You have access to countless exercise apps, from the simplest and easiest to the most vigorous. Download an app, free or paid, and commit. Perform the exercises every day or every other day.
  • A Standing Desk: A desk that converts to a standing desk can be a good option for people who work from home. Standing while working aids in circulation and demands moving your body while working on a screen.
  • Stretch Your Body: Stay limber by stretching your body with Yoga poses or other stretch routines. This will help keep your joints strong and your muscles active, helping you avoid feeling stiff and tired.
  • Nutrition Matters: Rather than snacking on chips, cookies, or other favorite foods, prepare healthy snacks. It can take a few days to make the transition, but your body (and your weight) will appreciate it.
  • Stay Hydrated: Keep a full glass or bottle of water on your desk, and sip frequently. Coffee or caffeinated tea does not provide real hydration. 
  • Take Breaks: Just like you would at your office, take breaks. Do not just work throughout the entire day, or you will likely be left feeling overwhelmed and tired, lacking the energy to do anything but plunk yourself on the couch and pick up the remote. Schedule a regular lunch hour and breaks – just because you are working from home, it doesn’t mean you must be “on-call” 24/7. 

Remember Your Health Insurance

Even with the best habits, you may need medical care at some point. Ensure your health insurance coverage is in place and when you need care, schedule an appointment. Doctors are reporting seeing patients that needed treatment earlier, who put it off for too long. Rather than waiting, schedule your appointment immediately. With many diseases and conditions, early intervention makes a difference in restoring good health. 

If you are planning to change your health insurance, have lost your job and need to purchase new health insurance, or are looking for a better plan, our friendly, local agents can help you choose the best plan for you or your entire family, with your budget in mind.

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